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Qualys Web App Audit
for OWASP Risks

It’s free, all you need is a browser!

Test your web apps to see if they comply with the latest OWASP guidelines for defending against online attacks.

  • Find vulnerabilities in your apps before attackers do.
  • Learn how to fix the vulnerabilities.
  • Identify areas in your website that need deeper testing.
  • Reduce risk of data loss due to application breaches.
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More About OWASP Web App Audit

Safely and accurately scan your web applications for potential security risks and experience what the award-winning Qualys security and compliance suite can do for you.


The OWASP Web Application Audit is powered by Qualys FreeScan, a free security tool that may be used to perform up to ten (10) unique security scans of business networks, computers and applications.

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Get the Big Picture

View the most important OWASP vulnerabilities, and the number of pages impacted and vulnerabilities detected.

Details at a Glance

For each identified OWASP category, view the number of impacted pages with each identified vulnerability and associated URL.


Impact and Solution

See details about the threat including information that can help with assigning risk.


Vulnerability Details

Drill into the details returned by the application and indicating the vulnerability, so you can easily focus on the issue.

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