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Cloud Security

Qualys File Integrity Monitoring Trial

Get real-time monitoring of integrity violations across global IT systems 

Qualys File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is a cloud solution for detecting and alerting integrity violations of critical system files and registry objects in real-time. Qualys FIM gathers change events and transforms them into insights to help you conform to compliance standards. It also strengthens your security posture when combined with threat intelligence for event prioritization and noise reduction.

Key benefits of Qualys FIM include:

Get curated out-of-the-box content for PCI DSS that reduces alert fatigue

Fine-tuned monitoring profiles help you optimize monitoring efforts to comply with PCI-DSS Sections 10.5.5. and 11.5 allowing you to focus on the critical alerts, while reducing false positives.

Prioritize critical event detection with integrated threat intelligence

Leveraging the Enterprise TruRisk Platform, threat intelligence enriches event data by adding Trusted Source and File Reputation context to reduce alert noise and prioritize IoCs.

Automated incident management made easy with ready-to-use queries

A predefined set of queries helps create correlation rules for seamless incident management.

Easy export to the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) Stack for further correlation

APIs enables easy custom integrations with your broader security stack. Native integrations with Splunk and IBM QRadar are also available.

Expand your PCI asset scope with scalable architecture

Enterprise TruRisk Platform allows you to scale to larger environments with no additional cost for adding server software, hardware, and storage.

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