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Cloud Security

Microsoft Exchange Compromise

Free 60-Day Vulnerability Management, Detection & Response Service

Assess your risk and patch affected systems remotely with one click

To help security teams assess and mitigate their risk exposure to the Microsoft Exchange ProxyLogon compromise, Qualys is offering a new integrated service at no cost for 60 days. Join us on March 12 at 9:00 am PT to see how you can mitigate your exposure using Qualys’ free service. Register to save your spot. With the new service, you can quickly:

Discover all systems running Microsoft Exchange

Instantly identify assets across your global IT environment running Microsoft Exchange, and get detailed information such as its version, location, ports, etc

Assess your overall exposure

Detect ProxyLogon vulnerabilities/CVEs with correlated patches, and assess the status of mitigating controls

Know if you’ve been compromised

Detect suspicious activity across your Microsoft Exchange environment by checking for irregular log patterns, malicious web shells, etc

Respond remotely with one-click patching of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

Automatically deploy required patches remotely, without using the VPN bandwidth

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