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BrowserCheck Business Edition

Automatically track if your organization’s PCs and Macs are keeping up-to-date with browser, plugin, OS and security updates.

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  • Centrally configure how often you want computers scanned.
  • Get a simple URL to give to users to connect their computers to BrowserCheck.
  • View at-a-glance summaries as well as per-machine status.

About Qualys BrowserCheck Business Edition

BrowserCheck Business Edition enables IT administrators to identify, track, and fix browser security issues within their organizations. Because browsers today are used to access applications, conduct business transactions, use social media, and surf the web, hackers often target browsers for attacks, making browser security crucial to protecting against data compromise. Qualys BrowserCheck is a service that scans web browsers and browser plug-ins that could pose security threats and provides remediation instructions. Qualys BrowserCheck Business Edition extends BrowserCheck capabilities to provide IT administrators organizational tracking and reporting of browser security within their entire organization.

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