Continuous Detection of Malware via the Cloud

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Detailed malware infection reports provided along with infected code for remediation

Dashboard gives users a comprehensive view of scan activity, infected pages and malware infection trends

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Scheduled scans enable you to monitor your web sites on an ongoing basis

Scale seamlessly from a handful of web sites to thousands

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Email & ZERO
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Email alerts quickly notify organizations when infections are discovered

Utilizes behavioral analysis to provide zero-day malware detection

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Qualys Malware

An Introduction

Qualys Malware Detection

Thousands of web sites, including those of larger, well-established companies, are infected with malware daily, often without their knowledge. The malware can disrupt operations for the web site or its users, or gain unauthorized access to information and computer systems. In addition, with the emergence of third-party content services such as ad networks, malware often doesn’t need to reside on a web site to infect its users.

To counter these threats, Qualys Malware Detection (MD) allows organizations to proactively scan their web sites for malware, providing automated alerts and in-depth reporting to enable prompt identification and resolution. Qualys MD enables organizations to protect their customers from malware infections and safeguard their brand reputations.

Why Qualys MD?

Qualys MD enables businesses to scan and manage a large number of sites, preventing web site black listing and brand reputation damage. Organizations that use MD will be able to quickly identify and eradicate malware that could infect their web site visitors and lead to loss of data and revenue. MD supports regularly scheduled scanning to monitor web sites on an ongoing basis, with email alerts to quickly notify organizations when infections are discovered. Malware infection details are provided so that organizations can take quick action to isolate and remove malware. Built on the world’s leading Cloud security and compliance platform, Qualys MD requires no special hardware and can be set up with a few simple clicks.

Qualys MD Features:

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Scalable, Accurate Scanning

MD Enterprise Edition gives organizations the ability to scan, identify and remove malware infections from their web properties. MD utilizes behavioral analysis so it is able to provide zero-day malware detection that ensures organizations keep pace with constantly evolving attack vectors. MD supports regularly scheduled scanning to monitor websites on an ongoing basis, with email alerts to quickly notify organizations when infections are discovered.

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Unified Dashboard

The dashboard gives users a comprehensive view of scan activity, infected pages and malware infection trends. Users can initiate actions directly from the dashboard based on the scan and infection information presented.

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Interactive Reporting

Interactive reporting supports powerful analysis and secure distribution of scan results. Site, scan and summary reports can be created and saved in different formats such as PDF and HTML. The encrypted PDF support ensures secure and compatible distribution to web property stakeholders. Interactive reports enable users to drill down to view the detailed information they need.

Centralized Management

MD supports the creation of user defined roles and scopes. Each organization can create the roles they need to support their user base, and assign appropriate permissions to each role. Tags are used to scope what each user can view, and the roles and permissions dictate what actions they can take on the information they can view.

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Tagging is a flexible way to categorize assets in MD. The categorization can be used to limit the data a user can view or to segment data for reporting. Organizations can create tags that represent organizational groups (business units), geography (locations) or any other useful categorization. Once assigned to a user, the tag can limit the scope of what the user can view to only show the assets that share the same tag as assigned to the user.

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