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Why You Need to Understand the Vulnerability Management Process

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Cybercriminals are lurking around every dark corner of the Internet, waiting for the opportunity to sneak out, attack and compromise your company's network. To stay secure in today's cyber-world of persistent threats, your business needs a vulnerability management process that constantly watches over your IT assets.

Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) detects and protects against cyber attacks whenever and wherever they appear. Built on the world's leading cloud compliance and security platform, Qualys VM relieves you of substantial cost, resource, and deployment issues.

Qualys Vulnerability Management:

•  Uncovers new or forgotten devices and uses dynamic tagging to organize your host assets by role to the business

•  Accurately and efficiently scans for vulnerabilities everywhere

•  Identifies business risks using trend analysis and zero-day and patch impact predictions

•  Monitors vulnerabilities and their remediation process

Need to know more about the logic behind a good vulnerability management process? Download a free copy of "Vulnerability Management for Dummies" PDF today.