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Use "Web Application Security for Dummies" to Improve IT Security Framework

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Web applications have become the weakest link of the IT security framework. Web application vulnerabilities are now prevalent in most server vulnerability disclosures. 

"Web Application Security for Dummies" is an ebook that will help you understand how to quickly find and fix vulnerabilities in web applications. The goal is to stop attackers from gaining control over apps and obtaining easy access to the server, database, and other back-end IT resources.

"Web Application Security for Dummies" is divided into five parts:

Part I: Why Web Security Matters

Learn the importance of web application security.

Part II: Establishing a Web Application Security Program

Discover the framework of actions that you can take to find and fix vulnerabilities in custom web applications.

Part III: Using Automated Scanning to Test Web Applications 
This section will guide you to choosing and using a scanner to automatically find and prioritize web application vulnerabilities. 

Part IV: Introducing Qualys Web Application Scanning 

Here you will discover the ease and simplicity of using a popular web application scanner from Qualys. 

Part V: Ten Tips for Securing Web Applications

Use this list of steps to ensure stronger framework of web application security.

Download the eBook now and start refining your web app security framework.