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Use Vulnerability Management to Control Your Cyber Security

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Accurate cyber security assessments are key to managing vulnerabilities within an organization's network. When you can identify all the weak spots, you can address them before they're exploited by cyber-criminals.

Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) explores your equipment for susceptibilities and helps you achieve the fixes you need. It records security weaknesses and provides you with reports that indicate which patches to use on which systems so that you can quickly and efficiently improve your network security.

Qualys Vulnerability Management offers:

  • Discovery & Organization of Your Network- Get immediate alerts for unexpected changes in your network
  • Assessment of Your Security Posture- Identify critical flaws in your services, computers and other devices everywhere
  • Prioritization of Threats- Prioritize remediation using benchmarks such as severity, business risk, CVSS scores, existence of exploits and malware
  • Flexibility - Blends with other systems via Qualys APIs

Download "Vulnerability Management for Dummies" to learn more about cyber security assessment.