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No network security can claim to be 100% impenetrable. Since network security controls will never be perfect, it’s best to focus on those controls that have the biggest impact in reducing risk while optimizing efficiency.

If you use a network security controls checklist, it will help you greatly when you are preparing to adopt a new defense.

Built and designed for the cloud, Qualys Cloud Platform offers the fastest and most efficient way to automate the broadest set of critical network security controls.

The Qualys solution has all the pre-requisites that should be on your network security controls checklist:

  • Discover & Organize Your Network:You need a solution that continuously discovers and monitors your assets, and sends you alerts for unexpected changes in your network.
  • Prioritize Threats:A good solution requires prioritizing of remediation efforts, using criteria such as severity, business risk, CVSS scores, existence of exploits and malware, and whether patches are available.
  • Remediation of vulnerabilities: Your ideal solution will track the disposition of each vulnerability on each host over time.

Find out how to adopt the CIS 20 Critical Controls for threat remediation and enhanced compliance. Download your free copy of our "Guide to Automating CIS 20 Critical Controls" now.