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Security Teams Need a Robust Firewall Strategy to Defeat Network Threats

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IT teams need a security firewall strategy to help withstand the daily challenges to their networks by cyber-attackers. It is a vital task for every organization in order to keep the threats at bay or risk having their business upended.

A network security strategy needs to have layers of protection, so in addition to a robust firewall, you need to include vulnerability management and continuous monitoring components.

Qualys Continuous Monitoring can assist you with fortifying your network security and firewall. Ready to learn more about the topic. Why not download a complimentary copy of our white paper "Continuous Monitoring  - A New Blueprint for Achieving Continuous Security & Compliance"?

You will learn more about:

  • Why continuous monitoring is so important
  • The value of constant vulnerability scans
  • The best practices for continuous monitoring
  • How continuous monitor can improve your security

Get your free copy today and get started on improving your network security and firewall.