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Qualys Vulnerability Management Assists with Both Healthcare Security and Policy Compliance

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Qualys respects your privacy.

Healthcare organizations that handle personal health information know that patients expect their data to be kept safe from data breaches and other exploits. Penalties for non-compliance with HIPAA / HITECH can be substantial. In cases of "willful neglect," a HITECH penalty can be at least $50K per violation up to a total of $1.5 million in a calendar year.

Qualys' solutions enable immediate compliance with key HIPAA security regulations by allowing subscribers to automatically discover and manage all devices and applications on the network, identify and remediate network security vulnerabilities, measure and manage overall security exposure and risk, and ensure compliance with internal and external policies for HIPAA.

Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM), you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Uncovering vulnerabilities lurking below the surface of your network
  • Handling complex topologies such as overlapping IP address spaces that can arise from company mergers
  • Risks related to the connection of independently-managed private subnets

Here's an opportunity to get more information about combating cyber security risks for your healthcare organization. Download a free copy of "Vulnerability Management for Dummies" now.