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Qualys Solution Makes Web App Security Audits Simple

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Because web apps reside outside of the traditional control of IT network managers, they present a significant security challenge when doing a traditional security audit.

Fortunately, Qualys has built a cloud-based integrated scanning and firewall solution called Web Application Security (WAS) to address web application security audit issues. With WAS, organizations can quickly and more efficiently block attacks on web server vulnerabilities, prevent disclosure of sensitive information, and control where and when applications are accessed.

You can use Qualys WAS to:

  1. Inventory the web applications of various departments
  2. Scan identified web applications for vulnerabilities
  3. Prioritize vulnerabilities and then remediate them

With its easy-to-employ interface and automation, Qualys WAS simplifies the complexity and reduces costs of web application scanning. Just as important, scan results are not riddled with time-consuming false positives, and provide remediation workflows.

To learn more about this topic, download a complimentary copy of "Best Practices for Selecting a Web App Security Solution."