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Security is a critical part of HIPAA/HITECH. The Department of Health and Human Services states, "[It] is important to recognize that security is not a one time project, but rather an ongoing, dynamic process."

Automated Tech is Best

HIPAA requires security-related processes, many of which are often best implemented with automated technology. HIPAA regulations specify a set of principles for guiding technology choices — principles that mirror those underpinning the Qualys vulnerability management and policy compliance solutions.

The best automated vulnerability management solutions, like Qualys Vulnerability Management, help you discover devices running on your network, determine whether they are vulnerable to attack, find fixes to the underlying problems, and protect you while those fixes are being implemented.

Qualys Vulnerability Management Features:

  • Targeted alerts from continuous monitoring are immediately directed to the appropriate staff for accelerated responses
  • Shows ongoing progress with your vulnerability management goals
  • Keeps track of everything so your team can work efficiently and stay in control
  • Identifies the highest business risks using trend analysis, zero-day and patch impact predictions

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