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Remediation of network vulnerabilities is something every organization wants taken care of before criminals can exploit weaknesses and launch cyber security attacks. Effective remediation entails continuous processes that together are called Vulnerability Management. 

The processes and related technology defined by vulnerability management help organizations efficiently find and fix network security vulnerabilities. Systematic use of these processes protects business systems from ever more frequent viruses, worms, and other cyber security attacks.

Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) searches your servers, computers, and other devices for vulnerabilities and helps you discover the fixes you need. 

With Qualys Vulnerability Management you can:

  • Create security policies and controls
  • Track inventory / categorize assets 
  • Scan systems for vulnerabilities 
  • Compare vulnerabilities against inventory 
  • Classify risks
  • Pre-test patches
  • Apply patches 
  • Re-scan and confirm fixes

Learn more about cyber security risk assessment: Download a free copy of "Vulnerability Management for Dummies" now.