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Identify Web App Vulnerabilities with Cloud-based Scanning

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Web applications are at the forefront of a prospect experience with your business. They present a new area for cyber attackers. Web application security is a major battle for network managers because web apps are often beyond their traditional control.

Qualys built a innovative cloud-based firewall and scanning service called Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS) that provides automated crawling and testing of custom web apps to identify vulnerabilities. It includes cross-site scripting and SQL injection. WAS does regular testing and gives consistent results, reduces the number of false positives, and easily expands to protect a large number of sites.

You can learn more about web app security by downloading and reading our complimentary ebook "Web Application Security for Dummies." It features:

  • Why Web App Security Matters
  • Establishing a Web App Security Program
  • Using Automated Scanning to Test Web Apps
  • Introducing Qualys WAS
  • Ten Tips for Securing Web Apps

Download your free copy of "Web Application Security for Dummies" now!