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"PCI Compliance for Dummies" is an ebook that will help even the most technologically-challenged small business person understand how to comply with industry regulations and keep their customers card data secure.

Written by IT security professionals, the book is divided into five succinct and easily-digestible parts: 

Part I: Merchants: Cardholder Data Thieves Want You!

Start here if you need a primer on security risks faced by merchants who accept payment cards. 

Part 2: Looking at the Big Picture of PCI Standards

Understand the three PCI standards and how each applies to merchants.

Part 3: Surveying Requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard 

An introduction to the six goals and 12 requirements of PCI DSS. 

Part 4: Verifying Compliance with PCI 

Become familiar with the tools and reporting requirements for compliance, and discover where merchants can go for help. 

Part 5: Ten Best Practices for PCI Compliance

Follow this short list of steps to ensure compliance with the PCI standard

You can peruse this book freely. Go to any part that interests you immediately; or read it from start to finish.

Download a complimentary copy of "PCI Compliance for Dummies" now!