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The ever-evolving Internet has changed how we process business needs and deal with all the threats that come along with these tasks. As the Internet expands, we are continually discovering dangers - cyber thieves attempting to manipulate these systems and take advantage of weaknesses. Cyber security needs to evolve and grow as the Internet and our digital demands do.

Qualys Continuous Monitoring (CM) is a cloud service that watches over your network for vulnerabilities before they are attacked. Whenever it spots a weakness in your network, it immediately sends you an alert.

Qualys Continuous Monitoring offers:

  1. Accurate assessments everywhere – perimeter, internal, and cloud
  2. Automated tracking of risk posture
  3. Remediation prioritized by business risk
  4. Global scalability to address new network security requirements as your business expands

Here's an opportunity to get more  information about Continuous Monitoring. Download a complimentary copy of "Continuous Monitoring: A New Blueprint for Achieving Continuous Security & Compliance."