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Everything Need to Know about Vulnerability Management

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Organizations worldwide use the internet as a vital global resource. However, connecting with the Internet exposes your company network to many threats.

Cyber criminals are using the internet to break into networks, sneak malware onto computers, extract proprietary information, and abuse an organization's IT resources. New computers joining the Internet get probed by attackers within an hour of connection and if left unprotected fall victim to attacks within 24 hours.

You can prevent most attacks by using a vulnerability management (VM) program. VM lets you continuously monitor your network infrastructure, and by using a VM program you can stay ahead of attackers and protect your organization's resources.

Recommendation: Read "Vulnerability Management for Dummies"

To learn more, you should get a complimentary copy of the  ebook "Vulnerability for Dummies." It is divided into six sections:

  • Part 1: Understanding the Need for Vulnerability Management
  • Part 2: Doing Vulnerability Management
  • Part 3: Considering Your Options for Continuous Vulnerability Management
  • Part 4: Using Qualys VM: Continuous Vulnerability Management
  • Part 5: Embracing Continuous Monitoring
  • Part 6: Ten Best Practice Checks for Doing Continuous Vulnerability Management 

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