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Continuous Monitoring Provides Cyber Security Intelligence

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Qualys respects your privacy.

Vulnerable spots exist throughout your organization's network and thieves are always looking for ways to exploit these security holes. Preparing for a hacker's nefarious ways has never been more important, it's essential to have up-to-date cyber security intelligence.

Qualys Continuous Monitoring (CM) brings a new approach to vulnerability management and network security intelligence, enabling you to immediately identify and proactively address potential problems.

CM offers these features:

  1. Hackers-eye view of your perimeter – from the Internet
  2. Automated monitoring of Your global perimeter
  3. Fine-grained control over when to generate an alert
  4. Efficient alerts, directed to responsible IT staff
  5. Visual dashboard shows you the status of your network at a glance

Download a free copy of our white paper titled "Continuous Monitoring" and learn how to achieve continuous security and compliance with Qualys Continuous Monitoring.