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Automate your Vulnerability Management Lifecycle in a single app

Taking vulnerability management to the next level!

Does your vulnerability management process involve different teams, using multiple point solutions that create more problems than they solve?  If so, it’s time to move to Qualys VMDR (Vulnerability Management Detection and Response).

Qualys VMDR provides an all-in-one cloud-based app that automates the entire vulnerability management cycle across on-premises, endpoints, cloud, mobile, containers, OT and IOT environments – significantly accelerating the ability for organizations to respond to threats and prevent breaches.

The Qualys VMDR e-book explores how an organization can accomplish the least time to respond/remediation (TTR) with:

  • Automated asset identification (known and unknown) and categorization
  • Real-time vulnerability and misconfiguration detection
  • Risk-based prioritization of remediation efforts
  • Patching and remediation at your fingertips

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