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An Advanced Solution for Continuously Vulnerability Management

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If you want to stay protected in today's world of ubiquitous cyber threats, your organization needs a powerful solution that continuously monitors all of your endpoints. You need to stay as far ahead of the hackers as you can.

Qualys Vulnerability Management has the metrics to show it is one of the industry’s most advanced, scalable, and extensible solutions for continuous vulnerability management. Its capabilities are powered by the Qualys Cloud Platform.

Qualys Vulnerability Management includes:

  • Platform - Revolutionize both security and compliance with the industry’s most integrated, scalable, and extensible cloud platform
  • Discover - Uncover forgotten devices and organize your host assets according to their role in your business
  • Assess - Scan for vulnerabilities everywhere (perimeter, internal networks, Amazon EC2) – accurately and efficiently
  • Prioritize - Identify the highest business risks using trend analysis, zero-day and patch impact predictions
  • Remediate - Monitor vulnerabilities over time, assign tickets, and manage exceptions

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