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Achieve Continuous Security and Compliance to Prevent Data Breaches

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Qualys respects your privacy.

Cyber thieves are constantly looking for ways to breach organization's cybersecurity and get into high-asset systems as well as external devices. If you want to block these attackers, you have to look at your perimeter like they do – from the Internet. You need to always be watching for alterations to your network that might leave it vulnerable to hackers.

Qualys Continuous Monitoring  (CM) is an innovative cloud-based service that identifies threats and monitors systems for unexpected changes in your network. CM works well with  Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) to provide you the power to fix holes - before they can be breached.

Automatically tracking what occurs inside your global network, CM brings a whole new way of handling vulnerability management and network security. It lets you immediately identify and proactively address potential problems. 

Qualys Continuous Monitoring offers:

  1. Immediate deployment – no hardware to set up, always on, always up-to-date
  2. Global scalability– add new perimeter and internal networks anytime, throughout the world
  3. Multiple, unified solutions – one console for CM, VM, and more
  4. Centralized management– apply alerting policies consistently across all your perimeter systems

Would you like some more information about Continuous Monitoring? Download a complimentary copy of "A New Blueprint for Achieving Continuous Security & Compliance."