Say goodbye to your fragmented cyber risk program

Qualys vs. Tenable

Shift away from the platform-by-portal method of Tenable and embrace the streamlined efficiency of Qualys. Measure, communicate, and eliminate cyber risk across your extended enterprise the Enterprise TruRisk™️ Platform seamlessly integrated with External Attack Surface Management (EASM), Cloud Security, and Patch Management solutions.

Measure Risk

6x faster

than competitive VM platforms

Communicate Risk

200K+ Vulnerabilities

sourced from 25+ threat intelligence feeds

Eliminate Critical Risk

60% faster

with a one-click workflow and ITSM integrations

In today's dynamic business landscape, scalability, flexibility, and seamless orchestration of asset data are essential for effective cyber risk management. While other solutions like Tenable fall short, Qualys offers a superior approach tailored to unique needs of modern enterprises.

Top 5 reasons to switch to Qualys from Tenable

Data without actionable risk insights

Tenable One's dependency on separate portals for managing cloud, on-premises, and external asset data flows frequently leads to fragmented operations and strained relationships between IT and security teams. In contrast, Qualys the Enterprise TruRisk Platform provides a unified experience, offering a single source of risk guidance. With Qualys, you can seamlessly integrate ASM, CNAPP, and VM functionalities, while streamlining operations and fostering smoother collaboration between SecOps and IT teams.

Limited external attack surface management

While Tenable One lacks the ability to unify catalogs and manage external, internal, traditional, and cloud asset data, the Qualys Enterprise TruRisk Platform excels in offering natively integrated and orchestrated data flows. With Qualys, you benefit from seamless integration across external and internal assets, simplifying the measurement and communication of your risk posture across your entire attack surface.

No remediation / Slow MTTR

The Qualys Enterprise TruRisk Platform outpaces remediation of zero-day threats to under 4 hours, a task that Tenable One often takes six times longer to achieve. Moreover, Tenable One's lack of patch management capabilities places its customers at a significant disadvantage in risk mitigation.

Vulnerabilities lack risk-based prioritization

Tenable One lacks any remediation capabilities, putting it a significant disadvantage; while the Qualys Enterprise TruRisk Platform employs the TruRisk scoring methodology to uniformly prioritize vulnerabilities effectively.

Not able to measure risk in real time

Unlike the Qualys Enterprise TruRisk Platform, Tenable One can’t provide granular business context for actionable risk insights in real time. In an era where modern security leaders must demonstrate ROI and business risk success beyond the cybersecurity realm, the ability to measure risk in real time becomes crucial for validating strategic changes and illustrating overall success.

Still not convinced?

The Enterprise TruRisk Platform is the only natively developed cyber risk management platform.

Because it’s built on a foundation of risk-based vulnerability management, it’s a highly scalable solution that allows businesses to add in external attack surface management, patch management, web application scanning (WAS), first-party (custom) software risk management, endpoint detection and response, policy compliance, and cloud workflow protection (CWPP) - all with the click of the mouse.

Combined with the scalability and flexibility of Qualys VMDR and TotalCloud™️ 2.0, the Enterprise TruRisk Platform provides you with a unified view of your entire risk posture by leveraging powerful functionality. Let’s compare the difference.

How Qualys compares to Tenable

Qualys Tenable

Ease of Deployment

Cloud-delivered or on-premises with 100% feature parity.


Cloud-based service and additional platform features require managing an on-premises version of the product.

Asset Coverage

Covers the entire Hybrid IT landscape, on-premises servers (Windows, Linux, Mac), workstations, 25% of servers, workstations, network devices, web applications, cloud assets, cloud databases, network devices, containers, cloud instances, and containers, etc.


Covers servers, workstations, network devices, web applications, cloud assets, cloud databases, network devices, containers, cloud instances, and containers, cloud storage, smartphones, tablets, containers, and OT infrastructure.

Agent Support

Qualys Cloud agents can be deployed on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, IBM AIX, Red Hat CoreOS, Solaris, and Chrome OS.


Tenable Agents support Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Vulnerability Identification

Vulnerabilities are identified based on running a vulnerability test against the application/ software components using network scanners, agents, container scanners, passive scanners, and API connections.


Vulnerabilities are detected by using vulnerability scanner appliances powered by Nessus.

Six Sigma Accuracy

Qualys consistently exceeds Six Sigma with 99.99966% accuracy.


Claims Six Sigma accuracy with their Nessus but does not offer remediation capabilities at all.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Coverage

75K+ CVEs out-of-box with Custom Assessment and Remediation (CAR) support for new and custom CVEs.


Covers 81K+ CVEs with plug-ins added within 24 hours of vulnerability disclosure.

Real-time Vulnerability Assessment

The mean time to detect new vulnerabilities is 4 hours or less.


Not clear how quickly Tenable One can detect vulnerabilities in real time.

Security Configuration

Qualys VMDR offers security configuration assessment against CIS benchmarks.


Nessus security configuration assessment for CIS benchmarks is not included with the Tenable One platform and requires a separate on-premises solution.

Vulnerability Prioritization

25+ sources of threat intelligence to assign TruRisk risk ratings to prioritize vulnerabilities based on business impact across the entire hybrid environment


A Vulnerability Priority Rating that combines threat intelligence to predict the likelihood a vulnerability is exploited.

Asset Discovery and Inventory

Starts from asset discovery using passive network sensors and then builds an updated asset inventory of software and hardware using agents for the entire hybrid Hybrid IT landscape.


Uses a combination of discovery scans, web applications, and cloud connectors to build an asset inventory.

Risk Remediation

VMDR performs Patch detection as well as Patch deployment without requiring a VPN connection.


Tenable One relies on third-party systems such as BigFix, SCCM, and WSUS for patching.

Risk Reporting

Ready-to-use reporting and dashboards to visualize and understand vulnerability risk across assets, business groups, and geographic locations.


Gives users the ability to run reports and create customizable dashboards with eight widget types.


Self-contained ITSM app in the ServiceNow store to manage vulnerabilities with change management, exception, and false positive tracking.


Self-contained ITSM app in the ServiceNow store to create vulnerability tickets but lacks change management, exception, and false positive tracking.

Say goodbye to your fragmented approaches and hello to a unified system that maximizes your security efforts.

The Enterprise TruRisk Platform provides you with a unified view of your entire cyber risk posture so you can efficiently aggregate and measure all Qualys & non-Qualys risk factors in a unified view, communicate cyber risk with context to your business, and go beyond patching to eliminate the risk that threatens the business in any area of your attack surface.

Measure, Communicate, and Eliminate Cyber Risk with a Single Platform

Qualys VMDR has helped us improve our program by providing additional threat and risk context to better identifr high-risk vulnerabilities. The transparency of the rating algorithm also made it easy to justify prioritization and align all relevant security and IT stakeholders so we could move quickly to remediate the risk.

Brian Penn

Manager, Security Posture at Aflac

We performed a proof-of-concept exercise for the Enterprise TruRisk Platform, and the solutions ticked all of the boxes. Qualys offers accurate and reliable monitoring of vulnerabilities, with very low rates of false positives; allows for prompt management and resolution of potential threats; and helps us achieve full compliance with our internal and external security standards.

Ævar Svan Sigurðsson

Service Manager at Advania