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Qualys Awarded Best Practical Solution and Overall Best in Show at the Information Security Decisions Conference

Redwood City, CA - November 13, 2007 - Qualys, Inc., the leading provider of on demand security risk and compliance management solutions, today announced that its QualysGuard On Demand platform was named as winner in the categories of Best Practical Solution and Overall Best in Show at the Information Security Decisions Conference held last week in Chicago.

This year’s Information Security Decisions Best in Show Awards recognized outstanding products featured at the conference. Nominations were reviewed by a team of judges which included Burton Group Security and Risk Management Strategies analysts, the editors of TechTarget’s Security Media Group and security professionals attending Information Security Decisions.

There were nearly 30 nominated products in this year’s award program representing some of the most technologically advanced products in the information security space. Details on the categories for which QualysGuard won are as follows:

Overall Best in Show

This award, which Qualys has now received two consecutive years in a row, recognizes the top technology on display at the conference. Products were judged on:

  • The comprehensive nature of the solution
  • Specific technology criteria, such as overall quality, performance and value
  • A track record of excellence, including successful deployments and demonstrable ROI
  • The vendor’s commitment to upgrading the technology and supporting it

Best Practical Solution

This award recognizes a product that solves a security problem in a realistic way, recognizing budget and staffing realities. Nominees were judged on:

  • The straightforward, common-sense approach to problem solving
  • Usability
  • The cost effectiveness of the solution
  • The product’s ease of deployment and maintenance

“The Information Security Decisions Awards are voted on by a collection of security industry experts and end-users, making it a great honor for QualysGuard to be recognized two years in a row,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys. “We are very grateful to our customers and partners who have been instrumental in helping us build our on demand risk and compliance management solutions and make it a world class application.”

Built on the world’s widest deployed on demand, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security solution, the QualysGuard line of vulnerability and compliance management solutions provide the easiest–to-deploy, most accurate, and most comprehensive way to reduce security and regulatory compliance risks. A Web browser is all that is needed for organizations to scan its network to spot and fix the vulnerabilities that constitute the gateway for roughly 99 percent of successful attacks – at a cost that is, on average, 50 to 90 percent less than traditional software scanning solutions. Qualys has 3,200 active subscribers that have deployed over 5,500 appliances, performing over 150 million audits per year in 85 countries around the globe. QualysGuard Enterprise is deployed at 30 of the Fortune 100, and more than 220 customers are part of the Forbes Global 2000.

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About Burton Group

Burton Group helps technologists make smart enterprise architecture decisions in increasingly complex environments. Burton Group’s research and advisory services focus on technical analysis of infrastructure technologies related to security, identity management, application platforms, service-oriented architecture, collaboration, content management, and network and telecom, and the data center.

About Qualys

Qualys, Inc. is the leading provider of on demand security risk and compliance management solutions. Qualys is the only security company that delivers these solutions through a single software-as-a-service platform. QualysGuard allows organizations to strengthen the security of their networks and conduct automated security audits to ensure compliance with policies and regulations. As a scalable and open platform, QualysGuard enables partners to broaden their managed security offerings and expand their consulting services. Qualys’ on demand solutions are deployed in a matter of hours anywhere in the world, providing customers an immediate view of their security and compliance posture. QualysGuard is the widest deployed security on demand solution in the world, performing over 150 million IP audits per year.

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