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Preventsys Announces Four Technology Partnerships To Augment a Virtual Network Security Suite Optimized for Large Enterprises

Application Security, Citadel, eEye, Qualys Join Preventsys Partner Program to Further Proactive Security in the Marketplace

Carlsbad, CA — September 20, 2004 — Preventsys, Inc., a pioneer in enterprise network security management, today announced the debut of the Preventsys Partner Program. The first members of the Preventsys technology ecosystem are Application Security Inc., Citadel Security Software, eEye Digital Security and Qualys, each working with Preventsys to bring a broader business context to technical security data, and provide more capable, proactive information security management solutions for their customers.

With robust, bi-directional communication between these best-in-class solutions, Preventsys and its partners offer a ‘virtual enterprise security suite’ that is optimized for the heterogeneous, complex networks of large corporations and government agencies. As a result of these technology partnerships, customers are able deploy the very best Internet security products available and be confident of their interoperability.

Vendors participating in the Preventsys Partner Program ensure that their products are integrated with Preventsys’ market-leading proactive Enterprise Security Management platform, designed specifically for use by large, geographically distributed enterprises and government agencies. The technology integration will provide explicit linkage from partners’ technologies to best practice and regulatory policies like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GLBA, NIST, SANS and others. Preventsys offers complete technical support around the integration points.

Preventsys’ Ray Komar, vice president of business development, also stressed the importance of interoperability when noting the Partner Program benefits. “Today’s providers of enterprise security suites, such as Symantec, simply cannot offer the same level of focus and technology depth as our partners in their specific areas of domain expertise. This is extremely important as less robust tools may miss critical flaws, leaving the organization with a false sense of security. Preventsys is committed to enabling these products to work together across the entire infrastructure to eliminate business disruption, specifically answering the demands of our enterprise customers,” Komar said. “Essentially our customers get the best of both worlds – interoperability like single vendor suites, but best of breed functionality. This eliminates one of the classic conundrums of best-of-breed technology acquisition.”

“Enterprises are faced with attacks increasingly focused on critical business applications combined with mounting regulatory requirements which demand direct protection of critical database applications,” said Ted Julian, vice president of marketing at Application Security Inc. “Partnerships like this with Preventsys enable firms to deploy the best-of-breed solutions necessary to address today’s threats yet relate these solutions to their broader security infrastructure and business process.”

“Hercules enables Preventsys customers to eradicate vulnerabilities and policy configuration issues and increase the likely hood of network survivability in the event of attack,” said Carl Banzhof, chief technology officer at Citadel. “What used to take organizations months can now be completed in minutes using Hercules and its library of 17,000 plus tested remedies. The seamless integration of these market-leading products creates an end-to-end solution that will enable organizations to quickly secure their networks.”

“Both eEye and Preventsys know that a comprehensive vulnerability management solution is required for enterprises to proactively manage the entire lifecycle of security threats: before, during, and after attacks,” said Firas Raouf, chief operating officer at eEye. “Integration with eEye’s award-winning Retina® Network Security Scanner enables Preventsys’ enterprise customers to take advantage of the same accurate and non-intrusive vulnerability assessment software that protects large, complex networks such as the Department of Defense and Continental Airlines.”

“Preventsys’ lifecycle management approach fits well with Qualys’ belief that securing networks requires a repeatable, sustained strategy of identifying, prioritizing and eliminating critical vulnerabilities before an attack occurs,” said Amer Deeba, vice president of strategic alliances at Qualys. “Integration between Qualys and Preventsys allows customers to utilize QualysGuard results as the foundation for compliance reporting, resulting in a highly accurate third-party assessment of their network security.”

Application Security Inc. is the leading provider of database security solutions for the enterprise. AppSecInc’s products proactively secure enterprise applications at more than 200 organizations internationally by discovering, assessing, and protecting database applications against rapidly changing security threats. By securing data at its source, AppSecInc enables organizations to more confidently extend their business with customers, partners and suppliers.

Citadel Security Software Inc., a leader in full life cycle vulnerability management solutions powered by AVR technology, helps enterprises effectively neutralize security vulnerabilities. Citadel’s patent-pending, Common Criteria EAL 3 certified Hercules® technology provides users with full control over the automated remediation process, enabling efficient aggregation, prioritization and resolution of vulnerabilities detected by industry-standard vulnerability assessment tools. SecurePC™ and NetOFF™ products enable companies to enforce security policies from a single point of control. Citadel’s solutions enable organizations to ensure the confidentiality of information, reduce the time and costs associated with the inefficient manual remediation process, and facilitate compliance with organizational security policies and government mandates such as FISMA, HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley legislation.

eEye Digital Security is a leading developer of security software and one of the preeminent contributors to network security research. eEye provides complete vulnerability management solutions that address the full lifecycle of security threats: before, during, and after attacks. eEye’s award-winning software products include vulnerability assessment, remediation management, end-point security, intrusion prevention and network forensics solutions. eEye protects the networks and digital assets of more than 2,500 corporate and government entities in over eighty countries, including AT&T Wireless, Avon, Citigroup, Continental Airlines, Dow Jones, Ernst & Young, Prudential, U.S. Department of Defense, Viacom and Wyeth.

Qualys is the leader in on demand vulnerability management. The company allows organizations of all sizes to effectively secure their network, conduct automated security audits, and ensure compliance. Qualys automates the process of proactively identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities, and provides the quickest route to neutralize worms and other emerging threats according to their relative business impact. Qualys’ on demand technology offers customers significant economic advantages, requiring no capital outlay or infrastructure to deploy and manage. Its distributed scanning capabilities and unprecedented ability to scale make it ideal for large, distributed organizations.

About Preventsys

Preventsys is a pioneer in providing network security and risk management systems for large, distributed organizations. Its innovative and award winning Enterprise Security Management system enables a complete closed loop, corrective action business process for managing information security across very large heterogeneous networks. Preventsys reduces costs by automating the traditionally manual processes of vulnerability assessment, configuration management, regulatory policy auditing and compliance, remediation management and enterprise-wide reporting. Preventsys is a privately held company founded in 2002 with venture funding from Enterprise Partners, Apax Partners and UV Partners. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad, California and has regional offices across the US. For more information, please visit the company’s Web site at or call 760-268-7800.

Qualys, the Qualys logo and QualysGuard are proprietary trademarks of Qualys, Inc. All other products or names may be trademarks of their respective companies.

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