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Cloud Security

Qualys Launches New Advanced Platform For Online Security

QualysGuard Enables Proactive Security Measures with Real-Time, Automated Scanning of Network Perimeters to Detect Vulnerabilities

Sunnyvale, CA — December 5, 2000 — Qualys™, Inc., a leading provider of network vulnerability assessment services, today announced the launch of QualysGuard®, its new platform for advanced online security. The platform offers a revolutionary suite of Internet-based applications that scan networks for vulnerabilities from outside the enterprise, allowing companies to take proactive measures that dramatically enhance network security. The announcement comes amid rising corporate demand for ways to defend enterprise networks against external attacks and protect corporate assets from unauthorized access. With the launch of QualysGuard®, its flagship service, Qualys is poised to establish the Vulnerability Assessment Services (VAS) marketplace and transform the way enterprises manage their network security.

“Every enterprise with Internet exposure is becoming aware of the need to secure its network from unauthorized access. But securing an enterprise’s network requires that a CIO has a global and complete view of his or her company’s network and test for the latest vulnerabilities exploited by those outside the company,” said Gilles Samoun, Chairman and CEO of Qualys. Qualys ‘ approach goes far beyond sporadic vulnerability checks, and sets a new standard for vigilance over network perimeters. By empowering clients to get unlimited network ‘check-ups’ for vulnerabilities and draw from a daily updated database of known threats to perimeter security, QualysGuard changes the way network security is implemented and used proactively to protect valuable corporate assets.”

QualysGuard ®, the company’s flagship service, is a security auditing service that continuously detects network vulnerabilities, assesses the severity of each, and provides alerts to IT managers in a summarized graphical report. QualysGuard’s components include QualysMap, which graphically maps all network elements that can be “seen” from the Internet – gateways, routers, operating systems, intranets and devices – and QualysScan, which performs minimally invasive scans for security vulnerabilities.

“We deploy new Internet applications on a regular basis, consequently our web architecture consistently changes as we implement new technologies. QualysGuard grants us the ability to quickly scan our network after each deployment to detect any vulnerability that may have surfaced,” said Todd Baginski, eBusiness Systems Architect of Broadwing, the all-optical voice, data and Internet service provider. “QualysGuard® fills the role of a full time Internet security manager for me. Not only does the scanning engine identify security vulnerabilities, it provides detailed instructions we utilize to remove vulnerabilities. QualysGuard automatically scans our websites each night and provides in depth reports outlining the present state of our Internet security.”

QualysGuard ® deploys rapidly, is highly scalable, operates in real-time, and provides simple visibility into network security for CIOs, IT managers and other executives. Unlike point product-based solutions, Qualys was built for the Net from the ground up and can readily grow with an enterprise network. The Internet-based solution is minimally invasive, requiring a maximum of only 30% of available bandwidth to scan an entire network in a few minutes.

Qualys offers the speed and flexibility needed to deliver constant updates of network security status, by sending updates to clients in real-time from Qualys’ expert staff at QualysLab. Qualys’ graphical maps and efficient reports enable executives and IT managers to view the most important security information needed to do their job from a simple, easy-to-use interface. In combination, the new features of QualysGuard offer unparalleled security performance in one service.

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About QualysGuard

The QualysGuard Web Service automates Network Security Audits and Vulnerability Management ensuring the security of information networks. With the highest degree of accuracy, data integrity, scalability, and ease of use, QualysGuard is available in a variety of packages designed to meet the specific needs of enterprises, SMBs, consultants, or managed service providers.

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