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Combines Global IT Asset Inventory, Vulnerability Management, Security Configuration Assessment, Threat Protection and Patch Management into a single cloud-based app and workflow, drastically reducing cost.

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A New Prescription for Cyber Security - Global IT Asset Inventory



  • Chris Rodgers, Director of Product Management, Qualys
  • Jim Reavis, CEO and Co-founder, CSA

Most people think that a network is a static event. However, with new types of devices, transient workloads, contract and guest participation, the system is fluid. At any given time,15-20% of the network is unseen or unmanaged. This is why the principle of maximum IT asset visibility is a fundamental prerequisite to improving your security posture. Simply put, it is difficult, if not impossible, to secure what we do not know or cannot see.

During the webinar, Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance, will discuss the challenges facing today’s complex and hyper-connected IT environments. Additionally, Qualys’ Chris Rodgers will explore:

  • Why comprehensive visibility is the foundation for your security architecture
  • The importance of visibility as it relates to compliance
  • A demonstration of the role visibility plays in threat hunting
  • Customer success stories highlighting how access to clean, reliable data with visibility and context enabled leads to effective business decisions

Speakers’ Bios

Chris Rodgers

Director of Product Management, Qualys

Jim Reavis

CEO and Co-founder, CSA