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Watch individual videos to learn specific skills and techniques with Qualys.

Cloud Agent Learn how to configure and deploy Cloud Agents.
Vulnerability Management Purging See how to purge vulnerability data from stale assets.
Web Application Scanning Learn the core features of Qualys Web Application Scanning.
File Integrity Monitoring Learn the basics of File Integrity Monitoring.
Consulting Edition The Qualys Cloud Platform packaged for consultants, consulting firms and MSPs.
Indication of Compromise See how to threat hunt, detect suspicious activity, and confirm malware on hosts.
PCI Compliance See how to scan your assets for PCI Compliance.
Container Security Learn the core features of Qualys Container Security and best practices to secure containers.
Microsoft Azure Learn how to integrate Qualys with Azure.
AWS EC2 A full video series on Vulnerability Management in AWS.
AssetView and Threat Protection Increase visibility on your assets and understand threats to your organization.
Reporting Strategies Dive into the vulnerability reporting process and strategy within an enterprise.
Troubleshooting Scanner Appliance Understand error codes when deploying a scanner appliance.
Security Assessment Questionnaire Learn how to use templates, either your own or from the template library.
Vulnerability Management Get started with the basics of Vulnerability Management.
CertView Get an inventory of your certificates and assess them for vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability Management Use Cases Expand your knowledge of vulnerability management with these use cases.
Scanning Strategies Dive into the vulnerability scanning process and strategy within an enterprise.
CloudView Gain visibility into your Cloud environments and assess them for compliance.
Policy Compliance Learn how to verify the baseline configuration of your host assets.

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Container Security


  1. Container Security Overview

  2. Install Docker

  3. Install Container Security Sensor

  4. Assess Container Applications

  5. Patchable Vulnerabilities

  6. Container Security Key Uses

Hands-On Labs

  1. Account Activation and Setup

  2. Install Container Sensor

  3. A Simple Container Application

Vulnerability Management


  1. Host Assets

  2. The KnowledgeBase

  3. KnowledgeBase Search List

  4. Vulnerability Scanning

  5. Assets and Asset Management

  6. Reporting

  7. User Management

  8. Remediation

Hands-On Labs

  1. Account Setup

  2. KnowledgeBase Search List

  3. Vulnerability Scanning

  4. Assets

  5. Reporting

  6. User Management

  7. Remediation

PCI Compliance


  1. PCI DSS basics

  2. PCI scope

  3. Qualys coverage

  4. PCI Compliance Application

  5. PCI Compliance scanning

  6. PCI Compliance with Vulnerability Management

  7. Compliance reporting

  8. Web application scanning

  9. Self-assessment Questionnaire

  10. Policy Compliance

Hands-On Labs

  1. Account Activation and Setup

  2. PCI Scanning

  3. PCI Compliance Reports

  4. Security Assessment Questionnaire

  5. Policy Compliance PCI-DSS Policy

  6. PCI mandate Report

Advanced Reporting


  1. Reporting Introduction and Overview

  2. Scan Data

  3. Agent Data

  4. Authentication Report

  5. Scan Report Template Findings

  6. Scan Based Findings

  7. Host Based Findings

  8. Hosts with Cloud Agents

  9. Scan Report Template Display

  10. Scan Report Template Filter

  11. Services and Ports

  12. Distributing Reports

  13. Assigning Assets to Users

  14. Assigning Users to Templates

  15. Distributing Scheduled Reports

  16. Scorecard Reports

  17. Patch Report Template

  18. Reporting Use Case - Major Vulnerability Release

Hands-On Labs

  1. Account Activation and Setup

  2. Authentication Report

  3. Scan Report Template - Findings Options

  4. Scan Report Template - Display Options

  5. Scan Report Template - Filter Options

  6. Report Scheduling and Distribution

  7. Patch Report Template

  8. Addressing New or Urgent Vulnerabilities

Advanced Scanning


  1. Host Assets

  2. Scan Process

  3. Authenticated Scanning

  4. Secure Windows Authentication

  5. Secure Unix Authentication

  6. Agentless Tracking

  7. Scanner Appliance Deployment Strategies

  8. Virtual Scanner Appliance

  9. VLANs

  10. Static Routes

  11. Scanning through Firewalls

  12. Segmentation Strategies

  13. Scanner Parallelization

  14. Qualys Scan Performance

  15. Continuous Scanning

  16. Monitoring Scan Time

  17. "Additional" Scanning Options

  18. Scanning Cloud Agent Hosts

  19. Delegating Scanning Tasks and Privileges

Hands-On Labs

  1. Account Activation and Setup

  2. Authentication and Host Tracking

  3. Analyzing Scan Results

  4. Managing Scan Performance

  5. "Additional" Scanning Options

  6. Scanning Cloud Agents

  7. Scan Delegation

Policy Compliance


  1. Policy Compliance Overview

  2. Application and Account Setup

  3. Control Library & User Defined Controls (UDC)

  4. Compliance Scanning

  5. Policies

  6. Reporting

  7. Security Assessment Questionnaire

Hands-On Labs

  1. Account Setup

  2. Create User Defined Controls

  3. Compliance Scanning

  4. Create Policy

  5. Compliance Reports

  6. Security Assessment Questionnaire

AssetView and Threat Protection


  1. Introduction

  2. Data Sources

  3. Asset Groups

  4. Asset Tagging

  5. Asset Search

  6. How to search

  7. Demo: Widgets and Dashboards

  8. Introduction to Threat Protection

  9. Using RTI's with VM and CM

Hands-On Labs

  1. Account Setup

  2. Launch a scan

  3. Asset Tagging

  4. AssetView Queries

  5. AssetView Widgets and Dashboards

  6. Threat Protection

  7. Using RTI's with VM and CM

Web Application Scanning


  1. Web Application Scanning Overview

  2. KnowledgeBase and Search Lists

  3. Basic Application Setup and Discovery

  4. Crawl Scope

  5. Scanning

  6. Discovery Scan

  7. Advanced Application Setup and Scanning

  8. Web Application Testing

  9. Reporting

  10. Tags and Users

  11. 3rd Party Integration

  12. Malware Detection

Hands-On Labs

  1. Account Setup and WAS Overview

  2. Basic Web Application Setup and Discovery

  3. Advanced Web Application Setup and Scanning

  4. Web Application Reporting

  5. Tagging

  6. User Creation and Scope

  7. Burp Integration

Cloud Agent


  1. Overview

  2. Installation and Deployment

  3. Lifecycle and Configuration

  4. Cloud Agent and VM

  5. Scanning Cloud Agent Hosts

  6. Cloud Agent and PC

  7. Cloud Agent and FIM

  8. Cloud Agent and IOC

Hands-On Labs

  1. Account Setup and CA installation

  2. Cloud Agent Deployment

  3. CA Configuration and Tuning

  4. Cloud Agent and VM

  5. Cloud Agent and PC

  6. CA and AssetView

  7. FIM Monitoring Profile