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Reporting Strategies and Best Practices

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At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify sensors that collect data from your IT environment

  2. Describe best practices, policies, and standards that govern reporting strategy

  3. Describe factors that impact report data

  4. Explain the steps to maintain the data hygiene in your Qualys subscription

  5. Identify different Qualys tools for reporting

  6. Explain best practices and usage of interactive reporting tools such as dashboards, widgets, and queries in VM/VMDR application

  7. Explain report template configuration, report types, and their use cases

  8. Explain report scheduling and distribution

  9. Explain the exception management process

  10. Explain the application of vulnerability reporting for practical use cases

Hands-on labs or lab simulation will cover the following topics to complement the coursework:

  1. Account Activation and Setup

  2. Authentication Report

  3. Scan Report Template - Findings Options

  4. Scan Report Template - Display Options

  5. Scan Report Template - Filter Options

  6. Report Scheduling and Distribution

  7. Patch Report Template

  8. Addressing New or Urgent Vulnerabilities