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Qualys Query Language (QQL)

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This self-paced course will walk you through the steps to construct basic, complex, and nested queries to search for relevant data. You will learn to create a widget from the query built in VMDR, GAV, or CSAM.


  1. Qualys User Account Requirements

  2. Introduction to QQL

  3. QQL User Interface

  4. Basic Query Syntax and Construction

  5. Complex & Nested Queries

  6. Queries for Asset Inventory & Discovery

  7. Queries for Asset Tags

  8. CSAM Asset Enrichment Queries

  9. Queries for Dashboard Widgets

Hands-on labs or lab simulation will cover the following topics to complement the coursework:

  1. QQL User Interface

  2. Basic Query Syntax & Construction

  3. Complex & Nested Queries

  4. Queries for Asset Inventory & Discovery

  5. CSAM Asset Enrichment Queries

  6. Queries for Dashboard Widgets