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Custom Assessment and Remediation (CAR)

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This self-paced course will walk you through the steps to create reusable custom detections and remediations, including deploying custom configurations and applications. You will learn to automate tactical security workflows with custom script controls seamlessly integrated with your existing vulnerability programs, security processes, and analytics.


  1. Qualys Sensor Overview

  2. Introduction to Custom Assessment & Remediation (CAR)

  3. CAR Script Workflow

  4. Scripts for Custom Application Controls

  5. Policy Compliance Integration & the “Script Result Check” UDC

  6. Respond to Urgent Security Threats with Scripts

Hands-on labs or lab simulation will cover the following topics to complement the coursework:

  1. Create A New Script

  2. Testing A Script

  3. Review & Approve A Script

  4. Schedule & Run A Script

  5. PII Discovery Script

  6. Script Result Check UDC