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CyberSecurity Asset Management (CSAM)

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This self-paced course will walk you through the CyberSecurity Asset Management(CSAM) application. You will see how the application normalizes and organizes data, how to create tags, what your external attack surface looks like, and how to create dashboards of your Inventory


  1. Introduction to CSAM

  2. Organize Assets

  3. Normalization, Categorization, and Enrichment

  4. ServiceNow CMDB Integration

  5. Asset Criticality Score

  6. Product Lifecycle Management

  7. Software Authorization

  8. Alerts

  9. Reports

Hands-on labs or lab simulation will cover the following topics to complement the coursework:

  1. Getting Started CSAM

  2. Passive Sensor Deployment

  3. EASM Configuration & Inventory

  4. Business Context from CMDB Sync

  5. Hardware, Software, and OS Classification

  6. Asset Groups and Asset Tags

  7. Asset Criticality Score

  8. Product Lifecycle Management

  9. Software Authorization

  10. Visualize Data Using Dashboards

  11. External Attack Surface Reports

  12. Rule-Based Alerts