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Vulnerability Management

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Learn the core features of Qualys Vulnerability Management as well as best practices to effectively build a VM program for your organization. This is the first course in the VM Learning Path.

For the best experience, Qualys recommends the certified Vulnerability Management course: self-paced or instructor-led.

To learn the individual topics in this course, watch the videos below.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management Get started here to view the Vulnerability Management course agenda and learn how to acquire course training material and your student trial...

VM Lifecycle and Cloud Platform Overview

VM Lifecycle and Cloud Platform Overview Learn about the six phases of the Vulnerability Management lifecycle and discover the different components of the Qualys Cloud Platform you...

VM Account Setup

VM Account Setup Learn how to activate your student trial account and navigate around the Qualys UI. Add host assets to your subscription and launch an...

Qualys KnowledgeBase

Qualys KnowledgeBase Take a tour of the Qualys KnowledgeBase and discover the industry leading vulnerability data and information it contains. Understand the...

KnowledgeBase Search List

KnowledgeBase Search List Learn how to create a custom list of QIDs from the Qualys KnowledgeBase and understand the behaviors and characteristics of both Static and...

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment Get a quick overview of the technologies used in Qualys VM to perform vulnerability assessments.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning Discover the modules and processes used by the Qualys VM scanning engine to perform vulnerability assessments.

Scan Configuration - Launching A Scan

Scan Configuration - Launching A Scan Uncover the various configuration components required to launch a scan and see how they are used to launch a vulnerability assessment scan.

View Scan Results

View Scan Results Learn how to view and understand the results of vulnerability assessment scans and discern the various components of the raw scan report.

Scheduling Assessment Scans

Scheduling Assessment Scans Learn how to keep up with new vulnerabilities by scheduling regular or frequent vulnerability assessment scans and discover the various...

Assets and Asset Inventory

Assets and Asset Inventory Uncover the various tools and features within Qualys Vulnerability Management and AssetView that allow you to view, manage, and organize host...

Asset Groups

Asset Groups Learn how to create and use Asset Groups to manage host assets in your subscription.

Using Asset Groups

Using Asset Groups See how Asset Groups are used as scanning and reporting targets, as well as using Asset Groups to assign host access privileges to Qualys users.

Scan by Hostname

Scan by Hostname Learn how to use Asset Groups to launch scans that target hostnames rather than IPs.

Asset Tags

Asset Tags Learn how to create and use Asset Tags to manage host assets in your subscription.

Using Asset Tags

Using Asset Tags See how Asset Tags are used to complete scanning and reporting tasks.

AssetView Connectors

AssetView Connectors Uncover the various data sources used by Qualys AssetView and see how “Connectors” can be used to add assets (hosted by cloud providers) to...

Reporting Overview

Reporting Overview Take a quick tour of the different report types available within the Qualys Vulnerability Management application.

Report Templates

Report Templates Learn how to create and use report templates and discover the different source, filter and display options within a template.

Threat Protection

Threat Protection Examine the impact of adding Real-Time Threat Indicators to your existing vulnerability data and findings, through the Qualys Threat...

User Management

User Management Discover the different Qualys account user roles and learn how to create and edit user accounts and work with Business Units.


Remediation Identify the basic components of a Remediation Policy and see how policies can be used to assign detected vulnerabilities to specific Qualys...

Extended Mapping

Extended Mapping This video is about the Mapping. This video covers: - Configuring Maps - Map Targets - Vulnerability Management Lifecycle - Mapping steps...