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How To: Cloud Agent

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This video series will walk you through the steps to deploy Cloud Agent and understand its features.

Create Activation Key

24 steps / 3 mins
Create Activation Key Understand the steps to create an Agent Activation Key

Agent Installation Components

15 steps / 2 mins
Agent Installation Components Understand the steps to acquire or download the components needed for a successful Cloud Agent Installation.

Command Line Installation

11 steps / 2 mins
Command Line Installation Understand the steps to install Cloud Agent on a Windows host using the command line.

Disable Windows Self Protection Feature

13 steps / 2 mins
Disable Windows Self Protection Feature Understand the steps to disable self protection feature in a Windows host.

Cloud Agent Configuration Profile

69 steps / 11 mins
Cloud Agent Configuration Profile Understand the steps to build a Configuration Profile in the Cloud Agent application..

Launch On-Demand Scan

20 steps / 4 mins
Launch On-Demand Scan Understand the steps to launch an on-demand scan for Qualys Cloud Agent.

Activate, Deactivate and Uninstall Agents

11 steps / 2 mins
Activate, Deactivate and Uninstall Agents Understand the steps to deactivate an Agent application module and uninstall it.