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How-To: VMDR

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This video series will walk you through the steps for setting up Qualys Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (VMDR). You will see how to deploy agents, view the inventory collected by them, prioritize vulnerabilities, deploy patches, and find the list of patches that can be uninstalled.

Build an Activation Key

21 steps / 4 mins
Build an Activation Key See how to create an activation key for Cloud Agent deployment.

Build a Configuration Profile

32 steps / 5 mins
Build a Configuration Profile Create a Configuration Profile to define performance, blackout windows, and assign assets.

Obtain Agent Requirements

12 steps / 3 mins
Obtain Agent Requirements Obtain the files and commands necessary to deploy Cloud Agents via command line or via third party tools.

Install Agent

12 steps / 3 mins
Install Agent Take the steps to install agents and verify the success of the installation.

Add IP Addresses To a Subscription

17 Steps / 3 mins
Add IP Addresses To a Subscription How to add IP addresses to a subscription to scan the host assets.

Agentless Tracking and Merging

28 Steps / 5 mins
Agentless Tracking and Merging How to merge scan and agent data together so that you have a single record for a host asset in your reporting.


32 steps / 4 mins
Inventory View asset data collected by agents and scanners.

Qualys TruRisk Scoring

39 Steps / 7 mins
Qualys TruRisk Scoring Understand the TruRisk score components and contrast with CVSS.

Adding Risk Score Widgets

45 Steps / 5 mins
Adding Risk Score Widgets Create TruRisk dashboard and add Risk Score widget to it.

VMDR Prioritization Report Using TruRisk

23 Steps / 4 mins
VMDR Prioritization Report Using TruRisk Create a prioritization report for Cloud Agent assets using TruRisk mode.

Patch Catalog

15 steps / 3 mins
Patch Catalog View patches that are missing from your assets. Find patches that can be uninstalled, and ones that must be obtained directly from vendor.

Zero-Touch Prioritized Products

35 Steps / 4 mins
Zero-Touch Prioritized Products Use Prioritized Products to create a hands-off job to patch endpoint systems

TruRisk Mode Linux Patch Job

39 Steps / 4 mins
TruRisk Mode Linux Patch Job Create a Linux patch job from a TruRisk prioritization report.

Rule-Based Alerts

32 Steps / 4 mins
Rule-Based Alerts Create a Rule-based alert in CSAM to send email.

VMDR for ITSM Tutorial

VMDR for ITSM Tutorial Learn how to configure and use Qualys VMDR for ITSM this is included with Qualys VMDR 2.0 with TruRisk.

VMDR with TruRisk - Getting Started

VMDR with TruRisk - Getting Started Learn the capabilities of VMDR with TruRisk like better CyberSecurity Risk Intelligence and Faster Remediation.

VMDR 2.0 Features

VMDR 2.0 Features Learn more about the new features of VMDR 2.0.