Upgrade to a Risk-Based VM Program that Covers ALL Your Assets

Qualys vs. Rapid7

Scale beyond vulnerability management with a unified platform that includes External Attack Surface Management, risk-based prioritization, and native Patch Management.

Measure Risk

6x faster

than competitive VM platforms

Communicate Risk

200K+ Vulnerabilities

sourced from 25+ threat intelligence feeds

Eliminate Critical Risk

60% faster

with a one-click workflow and ITSM integrations

Don’t settle for disjointed dashboards, poorly integrated asset management, and point solutions for remediation. Where Rapid7 falls short in providing an end-to-end risk based vulnerability management program, Qualys offers a scalable platform approach which can be tailored to unique organizational needs, ultimately driving measurable reduction of cyber risk.

5 reasons to switch to Qualys from Rapid7

De-risk your external attack surface

Almost 40% of internet-facing assets are unknown to security teams. That means almost 40% are missing from your VM program. Without a natively integrated EASM solution, your organization is exposed to potentially critical risks with no visibility into the impacted assets. Discover everything and quickly assess the risk with patent-pending EASM technology from Qualys.

Prioritize what truly matters

Leverage Qualys TruRisk to prioritize based on a combination of Qualys Detection Score, top risk factors (such as Malware and weaponized vulns), and asset criticality in the industry’s leading prioritization engine.

Reduce MTTR with natively-integrated Patch Management

Remediate critical vulnerabilities up to 50% faster with native Patch Management, one-click patch deployment, and API integrations to ITSM and ticketing solution to auto-assign tickets based on Qualys tags.

Consolidate point solutions

Build a risk-based vulnerability management program centered on the industry leading VM solution, and easily scale with a single agent to include comprehensive asset discovery, automated patching and remediation, and built-in policy compliance.

Stop seeing false positives and stop paying for duplicate assets

The Enterprise TruRisk Platform includes comprehensive attack surface management and asset discovery capabilities, de-duping and normalizing asset records across numerous discovery sources, seamlessly expanding coverage of your VM program.

How can you “command your attack surface” without asset discovery or remediation?

The Qualys Enterprise TruRisk Platform is the all-in-one, enterprise-grade cyber risk management tool that provides a unified view of risk.

Built on a foundation of risk-based vulnerability management, the platform scales with a single agent for organizations to add EASM, Patch Management, Web Application Scanning (WAS), Endpoint Detection Response (EDR), Policy Compliance (PC), and cloud workflow protection (CNAPP).

Create a unified view of risk posture across your entire attack surface and streamline remediation to de-risk your business. Let’s compare the difference.

How Qualys compares to Rapid7

Qualys Rapid 7

Ease of Deployment

Cloud-delivered or on-premises with 100% feature parity. Single agent drives scalability and cohesive integration across modules.


Cloud-based SaaS offering or on-premises version with reduced features and capabilities. Individual components don’t always provide streamlined experience.

Vulnerability Detection and Accuracy

Six-Sigma accuracy (99.99966%) with 75K+ CVEs out-of-the-box and 25+ sources of threat intel. 4 hour mean-time-to-detection.


Mean-time-to-detection 6 hours or less. No published data about accuracy of detection. Customers report

Risk-Based Prioritization

Combine 25+ sources of threat intel, proprietary vulnerability scoring, and asset criticality into a single TruRisk prioritization score so your teams can focus on what matters.


Relies heavily on CVSS scoring, often lacking risk factors and asset criticality in “Real Risk Scores”.

Asset Discovery and Inventory

Most comprehensive native discover methods in the market, including IP scanning, built-in passive sensing, EASM, cloud asset discovery, and third-party connectors. Automatically normalizes asset data and de-dupes records.


Includes network discovery scans and limited third-party integrations. No EASM. No passive sensor. No native discovery method for cloud assets. Often produces duplicate assets.

Risk Remediation

Patch Management is built natively into the Qualys platform, allowing patch deployment with a single click. VMDR also includes ITSM and ticketing integrations to streamline workflow and reduce MTTR for critical vulnerabilities up to 50%.


Relies exclusively on third-party patch management and ticketing solutions. No natively-built remediation capabilities.

Unified Dashboard and Reporting

Visualize and understand vulnerability risk across assets, groups of assets, business groups, and more. Define and track cyber risk across compliance requirements and CIS benchmarks out of the box.


Reporting and dashboards often inflate risk, counting each CVE as its own vulnerability. Limited view of risk-based prioritization. No remediation capability, therefore, no remediation reporting. CIS benchmarking absent.

PCI Compliance

Meet more than 97% of PCI-DSS standards with built in Policy Compliance and PCI ASV scanning services.


Solution relies on partners to perform ASV scans for customers.

Say goodbye to your fragmented approaches and hello to a unified system that maximizes your security efforts.

The Enterprise TruRisk Platform provides you with a unified view of your entire cyber risk posture so you can efficiently aggregate and measure all Qualys & non-Qualys risk factors in a unified view, communicate cyber risk with context to your business, and go beyond patching to eliminate the risk that threatens the business in any area of your attack surface.

Measure, Communicate, and Eliminate Cyber Risk with a Single Platform

We moved to Qualys and our reporting has gotten 100% better. Qualys solutions make our job easier because of the accuracy.

Jonathan Reyeros

Security Engineer, University of Miami

Most vendors could do only one or two of those things well, but Qualys does them all well.

Murat Dilek

Enterprise Network & Cybersecurity Team Leader, Falkirk Council