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This video series will walk you through the steps to setup web applications for scanning and reporting in the Qualys WAS module..

WAS KnowledgeBase May 17, 2023 Get an overview of Web Application Scanning KnowlegeBase and understanding about the types of vulnerabilities
WAS Search List May 17, 2023 Walk through the steps to create a search list
Basic Application Setup May 17, 2023 Define a Web Application and set a crawl scope in Qualys Web Application Scanning module
Standard Login Authentication May 16, 2023 Create a new authentication record and assign it to an existing web application
Option Profile May 17, 2023 Create an Option Profile which has various scanning options and the settings that can be customized and used while launching scan
Web App Scanning May 17, 2023 Learn to launch Web app scans against a Web app, using the custom Option Profile
Sitemap May 17, 2023 Learn how to check links crawled, vulnerabilities detected and how to create new web applications from your sitemap and add links to...
Crawl Script May 17, 2023 Explore how create a crawling script using Qualys Browser Recorder
Authentication Script May 17, 2023 Learn how to create an authentication script using Qualys Browser Recorder
Scan Report May 17, 2023 Learn to create a scan report as scan reports focus on the findings from specific scan instances
Web App Report May 17, 2023 Learn to build a Template containing report settings and options, to be saved and used for future reports and create web app report
Tagging May 17, 2023 Explore how to create Asset Tags and then apply them to Web Apps in WAS
User Management May 17, 2023 Learn how to create a new Qualys user account with WAS scanning role.
Burp Integration May 17, 2023 Learn how to import Burp findings into the Qualys Web Application Scanning tool