TotalCloud 2.0

Your Cloud. De-risked.

​Beat the risk cycle with immediate and prioritized remediation

​TruRisk Insights

​TruRisk Insights correlates risk indicators from diverse sources, providing you with a prioritized view of your cloud risk landscape with actionable insights, so you can fix what matters the most… first.

IaaS + Saas apps | Complete cloud posture visibility in minutes​

IaaS + SaaS Security

TotalCloud 2.0 is the first and only Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) solution that extends a protective shield around your favorite SaaS apps like Microsoft 365, Zoom, Slack, and more, and makes them just as secure as your cloud infrastructure.

Detect vulnerabilities in open-source software components build and runtime stages

Open-source Software Scanning

As supply chain attacks on open-source software become more prevalent, TotalCloud 2.0 scan all your open-source software across all compute workloads prior to execution, including containers for vulnerabilities.

Dramatically reduce your risk and mean time to remediation

Remediation Options

With TotalCloud 2.0 you get a variety of remediation options, including automated, one-click, and custom remediation. It also integrates easily with ITSM tools like ServiceNow and Jira to automatically assign tickets and enable the orchestration of remediation.

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