Chapters in this video:

  1. Introduction of panelists.
  2. What is APT?
  3. What makes APTs successful when they're successful?
  4. Are so-called APTs executed via vulnerabilities that should have been patched?
  5. Good system administration is the baseline defense.
  6. How does any organization protect itself against the most sophisticated attacks?
  7. Do organizations have the ability to know how long they have been pwned?
  8. TCP: total cost of pwnage.
  9. Dynamics of the APT ecosystem.
  10. Best practices for securing systems.
  11. What happens when organizations fail to detect APTs?
  12. What can we do to make things better?
  13. Are you hopeful the community will share information?
  14. Q&A: What should we look for in log files?
  15. Q&A: What is opinion on virtual patching?
  16. Q&A: What is impact of increase in mobile devices?