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This video series will walk you through the steps for setting up and configuring Qualys Extended Detection and Response (XDR). You will see how to deploy and configure Cloud Agents and the XDR appliance to gather log and telemetry data from your enterprise’s third-party solutions, configure rules and response templates to produce high fidelity, actionable alerts and use a comprehensive library of in-house researched detections based on MITRE techniques for malicious behavior mapping, threat hunting and threat intelligence.

Deploy Cloud Agents for XDR May 19, 2022 Walk through the steps to configure, acquire or download the components needed to perform an agent installation with Qualys XDR.
Configure Cloud Agents for XDR May 19, 2022 Activate XDR and assign a Configuration Profile with XDR on agent hosts.
Configure Cloud Agent Profile in XDR May 19, 2022 Configure a Cloud Agent Profile in XDR to define what logs you want to collect, where you want to collect them, and the assets you want to...
Deploy XDR Appliance May 19, 2022 Provision an XDR appliance for log data collection.
Configure SYSLOG Collector May 19, 2022 Deploy Data Collectors to a provisioned XDR appliance.
Configure Log Source May 19, 2022 Walk through the steps to ingest log data from third-party devices into Qualys XDR.
Configure AD Collector May 19, 2022 Configure Active Directory Data Collector on an XDR appliance.
Configure Users Lists May 19, 2022 Configure User Lists to focus on risks associated with specific users in your organization.
Configure Response Templates May 19, 2022 Configure Response Templates to indicate the type of action to be taken when a Signal or alert is triggered by a rule.
XDR Rule Library May 19, 2022 Explore the XDR Rule Library.
Configure Rules May 19, 2022 Configure rules to analyze events from different data sources and trigger Signals.
Configure Behavior Rules May 19, 2022 Configure Behavior Rules for mapping malicious user and entity behavior.
Advanced Analytics May 19, 2022 Leverage XDR Advanced Analytics to identify users and assets with the highest risk in your environment.
Threat Management May 19, 2022 Use the Threat Management dashboard to get a single-pane view of your environment’s threat hunting posture.