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Web Application Scanning

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Learn the core features of Qualys Web Application Scanning as well as best practices to effectively build a web application security program for your organization.

For the best experience, Qualys recommends the certified Web Application Scanning course: self-paced or instructor-led.

To learn the individual topics in this course, watch the videos below.

WAS Overview

WAS Overview In this video, we'll get an introduction to Qualys Web Application Scanning module. We'll understand the Qualys WAS Lifecycle and get an...


KnowledgeBase This video will provide an overview of Web Application Scanning KnowlegeBase and understanding about the colors of vulnerabilities: Red,...

Search List

Search List This video will cover the creation of Search Lists (Static and Dynamic) and understand how to apply those in Web Application Scanning.

Basic Web App Setup

Basic Web App Setup In this video, we'll see how to define a Web Application and set a crawl scope in Qualys Web Application Scanning module, how to manually...

Option Profile

Option Profile This video will cover the Option Profile, User Agent, Request Parameter Set, SmartScan, Behavior Settings, Search Criteria, Performance...

Discovery Scan

Discovery Scan This video will focus on setting up and launching a Discovery scan and running maps to discover all assets across your network and identify...


Sitemap This video will cover the Sitemap findings. How to show links crawled and vulnerabilities detected. How to create new web applications from...

Advanced Web App Setup

Advanced Web App Setup This video will provide an overview of how to configure an Options Profile and Enable Smartscan and Enhanced Crawling within that. Also, how...

Additional Configurations

Additional Configurations This video will provide an overview of how to configure Authentication records, Header Injection, API Endpoints, set up Exclusion Lists, DNS...

Web App Testing

Web App Testing In this video, we'll see how Qualys performs web application vulnerability testing, launch a web application vulnerability scan, use Asset...


Reporting This video will cover how to build a Web Application Report, view vulnerability details, ignore vulnerability findings, edit a web...

Tags and Users

Tags and Users This video will focus on creating asset tags, nest asset tags understanding static vs dynamic tags. Also, how to configure User accounts and...

WAS Integrations

WAS Integrations This video will focus on overview of Burp Suite Integration, importing a Burp XML file, and viewing Burp Suite findings.