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Vulnerability Management Use Cases

Get tips and further explanation on configuration options in Qualys.


Use Case: Overlapping IPs February 1, 2019 Use the "Networks" feature to manage overlapping IP addressing in a single subscription.
Use Case: Two views of same External IP March 8, 2019 Use the "Networks" feature in Qualys to see separate views of the same asset, based on how you are scanning.
Use Case: Lite OS Detection and improving scan speed February 1, 2019 Improve scan time with “Lite OS Detection” setting in the Option Profile without reducing the amount of data collected from target hosts.
Use Case: Discover Live Hosts February 1, 2019 Configure the “Host Alive” feature in the Option Profile and understand why and when you would use it. The goal is to scan, without using...
Use Case: Understanding Host Tracking & Scan by Hostname March 8, 2019 Understand the different options for host tracking and hear it differentiated from the Scan by Hostname feature.
Preserving Root's History File April 11, 2019 See how to prevent the root history file from filling-up with scanner appliance activity. For more information on this topic, see...
Unix/Linux Trusted Scanning Process April 11, 2019 Perform Unix scans in "authenticated" mode and understand the Unix trusted scanning process. For more information on this topic, see...
Agentless Tracking and Unified View (1 of 2) May 14, 2019 Get the benefits of Agentless Tracking and Unified View. Find the host id on your host system. Configure Unified Views.
Agentless Tracking and Unified View (2 of 2) May 14, 2019 Understand the different behaviors when scanning with a scanner vs Cloud Agent, when Agentless Tracking and Unified View have been enabled in...