Security Assessment Questionnaire

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Assess business process risk from third parties and internal teams via automated questionnaires. Learn how to use templates, either your own or from the template library, to create questionnaire campaigns with customizable workflows; build reports and dashboards; and manage users.

Security Assessment Questionnaire - Introduction

Security Assessment Questionnaire - Introduction Introduction to the Qualys Security Assessment Questionnaire. Simplify Vendor Risk Assessment and Policy Governance.

SAQ Users

SAQ Users Configure the users who will be playing a role in the Campaign. Understand the steps to create Campaign managers.

SAQ Template

SAQ Template Understand the importance of Templates. Use the template library to access pre-defined questionnaires which are designed for various policy...

SAQ Template Customization

SAQ Template Customization Design templates for a custom policy framework.

SAQ Campaign

SAQ Campaign Get an overview of Campaign. Understand the steps to create Campaign.

SAQ Dashboard and Reporting

SAQ Dashboard and Reporting Track the progress of all Campaign by using dashboards and reports.

SAQ Vendor Workflow

SAQ Vendor Workflow Go through the process of adding vendors to SAQ to properly assess vendor criticality