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Learn the basics of Qualys Query Language with this video series. You use Qualys Query Language (QQL) for building search queries to fetch information from Qualys databases. A database query is a string of search attributes (we call them 'search tokens' or simply 'tokens') structured in the compatible syntax, which returns the targeted values. In QQL, you pick the tokens from our token repository, use a query operator, and specify the expected token values. Our robust search mechanism helps you find the relevant information about various aspects of your IT infrastructure in the context of your Qualys subscription.

Introduction May 24, 2021 Get an introduction to Qualys Query Language (QQL) and understand where you can use it in Qualys
User Interface Elements May 24, 2021 Get familiar with the data sources and the various user interface elements of QQL
Syntax May 24, 2021 Learn about QQL search tokens and operators and how to use them to form a search query
String Matching May 24, 2021 Learn the various string matching options available in QQL, such as use of double quotes, backticks, and astrisk
Boolean Operators May 24, 2021 Get familiar with the boolean operators that can be used in QQL queries
Nested Queries May 24, 2021 Learn how to form nested queries within QQL and their use cases
Range and date searches May 24, 2021 Get familiar with range and date searches with QQL, their syntax and usage examples
Best Practices May 24, 2021 Explore best practices and "things to bear in mind" when searching with QQL
Create Widget May 24, 2021 Learn how to create dashboard widgets using QQL queries

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