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Automate Detection & Remediation with No-code Workflows

Introduction To QFlow January 27, 2023 Learn how Qualys Flow (QFlow) addresses your security automation needs.
QFlow Editor and UI (Part 1) January 27, 2023 Understand the nodes and functionality provided within the QFlow Editor.
QFlow Editor and UI (Part 2) January 27, 2023 Take a closer look at the "resource" and "action" nodes and the QFlow UI.
QFlow Integration with CloudView (Part 1) January 31, 2023 Understand how QFlow integrates with Qualys CloudView to help you build custom security controls.
QFlow Integration with CloudView (Part 2) January 31, 2023 Understand the details of the QFlow "CloudView Control" node and how it evaluates and shares resource data with other Qualys applications.
QFlow Integration with CloudView (Part 3) January 31, 2023 Examine the outcome and benefit of constructing and using Qualys CloudView custom controls.
QFlow EC2 Perimeter Scan January 27, 2023 Identify and learn to use QFlow nodes that work together to accomplish an EC2 Perimeter Scan.