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Public Cloud

This is a video library on Public cloud introduction videos.


Integrating Qualys with Microsoft Azure Security Center April 13, 2018 This video shows the integration of Qualys in the Azure platform and how to automatically deploy cloud agents on new Azure instances.
Securing AWS EC2 with Qualys October 12, 2017 This video provides a "high-level" view of the Qualys apps and services that support AWS EC2, and the requirements for using these services. ...
CloudView May 2, 2018 This video shows how to setup the CloudView connectors for AWS and Microsoft Azure, how to view and query the resources collected, how to...
Azure Stack Demo September 24, 2018
A 360-degree Approach to Securing Public Clouds October 3, 2018 Cloud is a core fabric of digital transformation, as users have a shared security responsibility with the cloud providers. This session will...