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Policy Compliance

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Learn best practices for building a policy compliance program using Qualys Policy Compliance.

For the best experience, Qualys recommends the certified Policy Compliance course: self-paced or instructor-led.

To learn the individual topics in this course, watch the videos below. 

Introduction and Qualys Cloud Platform Overview March 22, 2021 Preview agenda for the course and introduction to the Qualys Cloud Platform, sensors, and Out-of-Band Configuration Assessment.
Qualys Compliance Portfolio February 21, 2020 Overview of applications that make up the Qualys Compliance portfolio along with their use cases.
Introduction to Policy Compliance February 21, 2020 Overview of Qualys Policy Compliance application
Account & Application Setup February 21, 2020 Identify the steps to get started with Qualys Policy Compliance and add hosts, users, asset groups, and asset tags for Policy Compliance
Control Library and User Defined Controls February 21, 2020 Overview of Qualys Control Library, System Defined Controls, and User Defined Controls.
Compliance Scanning February 21, 2020 Identify the steps involved in setting up a compliance scan including setting up authentication records and compliance profile.
Policies February 21, 2020 Build a new Compliance Policy. Configure controls in a new policy, along with cardinality and changing the expected value of a control.
Compliance Reports February 21, 2020 Create compliance reports. Use templates to customize your reports. Create exceptions for the failing controls and use the auditor user to...
Exception Handling February 21, 2020 Identify the steps involved in managing exceptions, use interactive reports to request exceptions and review exceptions.
Compliance Requirements and Best Practices February 21, 2020 Understand general "best practices" for managing Policy Compliance.