Policy Compliance

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Learn best practices for building a policy compliance program using Qualys Policy Compliance.

For the best experience, Qualys recommends the certified Policy Compliance course: self-paced or instructor-led.

To learn the individual topics in this course, watch the videos below. 

Policy Compliance

Policy Compliance Preview agenda for this Policy Compliance training course.

Qualys Sensors

Qualys Sensors Overview of the Qualys Comprehensive Framework of sensors.

Policy Compliance Assets

Policy Compliance Assets Learn how to add host assets to your Policy Compliance subscription.

User Accounts

User Accounts Identify the various user roles in the Policy Compliance application and learn how to grant Policy Compliance UI access to accounts in your...

Policy Compliance Overview

Policy Compliance Overview Understand the benefits of using Qualys Policy Compliance to define and assess baseline security controls.

Qualys Control Library

Qualys Control Library Take a tour of the Control Library and examine the contents of a control.

User Defined Controls-Linux

User Defined Controls-Linux Understand the benefits and requirements for building custom User Defined Controls (UDCs). Define the components of a UDC and review the...

User Defined Controls-Windows

User Defined Controls-Windows Reviewing the Windows User Defined Controls

User Defined Controls-Database

User Defined Controls-Database Reviewing User Defined Controls for the Database

Compliance Scanning

Compliance Scanning Identify the Qualys sensors used by the Policy Compliance application. Understand the scanning process from the Qualys Cloud Agent and...

Qualys Scanner Appliance

Qualys Scanner Appliance Components of scanner appliance and authentication process


Policies Identify the components of every policy and learn different ways to build a policy. Leverage Asset Groups and Asset Tags to define a...

Policy Creation Options

Policy Creation Options Creating policy as per your requirement


Reports Examine the use and benefit of different Policy Report types. Focus your policy reports on specific Asset Groups, Asset Tags, IPs, or...

Scorecard Report

Scorecard Report Managing multiple projects/objectives with a Scorecard report

Working with Exceptions

Working with Exceptions Approve, Reject, Reassign exceptions

Dashboard & Posture

Dashboard & Posture View assessment findings and results for all assets and controls, using Dashboard Widgets and compliance POSTURE queries. Build queries that...

Scripts for Data Collection & Response

Scripts for Data Collection & Response Learn how to use scripts to extend your data collection and response capabilities through Policy Compliance and Qualys Script Manager...

Qualys Unified Compliance Solutions

Qualys Unified Compliance Solutions Identify where Policy Compliance fits into the Qualys Platform Unified Compliance Solutions. See how data is collected and assessed from...