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Custom Assessment and Remediation (CAR)

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This video series will walk you through the steps to create reusable custom detections and remediations, including deploying custom configurations and applications. You will learn to automate tactical security workflows with custom script controls seamlessly integrated with your existing vulnerability programs, security processes, and analytics.

Qualys Sensors January 24, 2023 Learn how the Qualys Cloud Agent Sensor helps Qualys CAR to meet your scripting needs and objectives.
CAR Intro and Workflow January 24, 2023 Understand the benefits of managing and deploying scripts with Qualys CAR and learn to create a script.
Viewing and Testing Scripts January 24, 2023 View and manage the SCRIPTS you've created and understand the requirements for script testing.
Script Review and Approval January 25, 2023 Understand the benefits and requirements for reviewing and approving your scripts and enforcing separation of duties.
Running and Scheduling Scripts January 25, 2023 Extend your knowledge of role-based access controls (RBAC) and separation of duties by scheduling scripts with the "CAR Operations" role.
Monitor CAR Script Workflow January 25, 2023 Learn to work with PowerShell Execution Policies. Monitor all workflow steps in the Activity Log and understand the CAR data retention policy.
Applying CAR Scripts January 25, 2023 Understand the data collection and response capabilities provided by scripts. Visit the Qualys CAR Script Library on Github.
CAR Integration With Policy Compliance January 25, 2023 Understand the requirements and steps for integrating script output from Qualys CAR, into Policy Compliance controls.
Script Result Check UDC January 25, 2023 Examine the output from a CAR script and use it to build a "Script Result Check" UDC, in Qualys Policy Compliance.
Platform Availability Matrix January 25, 2023 Understand the Qualys Cloud Agent requirements and support for Qualys PC (UDC) and CAR.
Respond To Urgent Security Threats With Scripts January 25, 2023 Walk through different use-case scenarios for using scripts to respond to emergency security threats and situations.
CAR Application Program Interface (API) January 25, 2023 Identify Qualys support documentation for using the CAR application program interface (API).