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This video series covers how to get an inventory of your certificates and assess them for vulnerabilities and see their grades.

CertView - Introduction to Cryptography March 18, 2019 Get an introduction to PKI and Cryptography.
CertView - Certificates and SSL March 15, 2019 The need for SSL certificates and a certificate management system.
CertView - Adding Sites to Scan March 15, 2019 See how to add sites and run scans to the Qualys CertView and Vulnerability Management applications.
CertView - Approved CA March 15, 2019 Add approved CAs to your account.
CertView - Dashboard March 15, 2019 Use dashboards and widgets in CertView.
CertView - Reports March 15, 2019 Generate a report in CertView.
CertView - Searching and Grades March 18, 2019 View grades for Certificates and how they can vary based on implementation. Query your certificate inventory and certificate vulnerabilities.
CertView - Cert Renewal March 15, 2019 Renew a certificate with Qualys CertView.