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Secure File Upload

Generating Scan Reports for Qualys Support

If Qualys Support has requested a scan report from you, it's important that you include certain information in the report. Create a new scan report template or edit an existing template and make sure the following settings are selected:

  • Scan Results Selection is set to Manual
  • On the Display tab under Detailed Results, select the following:
    • Vulnerability Details
    • Results
    • Appendix
  • On the Filter tab under Included Vulnerability Types, select the following Vulnerability Checks:
    • Active Vulnerabilities
    • Active Information Gathered

When you generate the report, select the saved scan applicable to your issue. Then download the generated report in PDF format and send it to Qualys Support following the instructions below.

Submitting Files to Qualys Support

When you need to send scan reports or other files (screenshots, registry dumps, log files) securely to Qualys Support, follow these guidelines:

  • Send the email with your attachments to
  • Include your Support Ticket Number in the Subject line of your email like this:
    **SUPPORT TICKET=nnnnnnnn** where nnnnnnnn is the Ticket Number
  • Use Qualys’ PGP key to send the email securely. The key can be found at